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Notes on the two tree growers facilitating the Be More Tree Programme.........






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The Tree Growers

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Fi Feehan is an integrative emotional health practitioner who is passionate about people living in their rightful resourceful state, and dying without or with very little regret. Fi has worked extensively in the world of mental health. She has developed a Sherlock Holmes ability to break mental health codes and patterns of behaviour that do not serve for a life of flourish. Fi utilises a vast knowledge in mental health prevention and intervention practices including body, mind and spirit, alongside good old fashioned wisdom to create bespoke guidance for clients.

Sandra James is a Naturopath and Functional Medicine practitioner, who is passionate about all aspects of health with a specific interest in gut health, stress and chronic conditions. Her aim is for all of us to work with our bodies in order to feel balanced, nourished and energised. Sandra’s pragmatic approach and combination of the latest science-based evidence with a much wider holistic view allows her to use her expertise to get to the root cause of health issues.

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