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Be More Tree Full Programme Spring 2022

Our Tree


  • Your investment for the complete Be More Tree Programme is £444 or £148 per month for three months, This is for all three workshops and includes a handbook containing all content.

  • The investment of £444 is to be made by Friday 4th March 2022. 

  • Early bird investment is £333 or £111 per month if booked by February 18th 2022.

  • Full refunds available until 25th February 2022.

The total investment of this time meeting Sandra and Fi on a 1:1 basis is over £2000 and the Be More Tree Programme allows you access to be guided in a small group by two leads integrating physical and emotional wellbeing.

Please contact Fi and Sandra on

if you want further information or to apply for a place


Programme Spring 2022

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This takes place over three days :

  • Sunday 6th March

  • Sunday 10th April

  • Sunday 8th May


Via a secure online platform, 11am-4pm (with breaks for tea & lunch)

Workshop One

We explore the roots of the tree, how to create the solid foundations to build upon a healthier life. You are introduced to the nervous system, the role it has in influencing healthy body & mind and are taught the basic daily requirements influencing a nourished nervous system -and therefore, a nourished body and mind -such as sleep, daily fuel, breathwork and optimistic thinking. You learn nourishing rituals and micro habits to maintain your well being. You consider healthy connections - how these serve you in your physical and emotional wellbeing, and what healthy connections look and feel like. You uncover how you can be grounded at your roots so you can have flexibility in your branches.


Workshop Two

We share what brings the strength in your existence, the trunk of your being. Considering what gives you the strong back from which you can develop a soft front - what enhances your resilience from which empowering thinking and actions can come.

You will learn about gut health, how to have a resilient immune system and what ensures regular detoxification of what is not serving you. You question what allows you to be connected to yourself in a meaningful, loving and deep way, and what creates your empowerment so you can show up authentically. You learn how to live a life of balance. You design the strength of your trunk, enabling you to live in a life of thriving and continue with understanding your nervous system, and deepen your practices in maintaining balance between your sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.


Workshop Three

Is in two parts. Firstly you contemplate the ebb and flow of the branches. How you learn to be adaptive, both physically and mentally, to external influences. What allows you to be flexible so you can blow in storm winds and not break.  You learn about brain health and how to support your brain nutritionally. You consider the natural ebb and flow of the body within your circadian rhythms.

Your exploration of your nervous system accumulates in you creating a regulating map as a life-long guide for a you to maintain and influence having a balanced nervous system.

Secondly you give thought to the leaves that can come and go with the seasons,  examining what you can let go that does not serve you-such as limiting beliefs, expectations and attachments to a life of being ‘busy’ and adrenaline charged. By living in ebb and flow, and letting go of what does not serve, you allow yourself to live a life of flourish.

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